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High Quality Coffee and Food

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What Is Sidikalang Kopi?

Sidikalang kopi, aka Sidikalang coffee, is a Robusta coffee. It’s an Indonesian coffee variety staple that thrives in volcanic lands at high altitudes. Sidikalang kopi is as iconic as Typica coffee in the collective coffee community.

Sidikalang is an Indonesian town and region in North Sumatra, or Sumatra Utara, a province with Medan as its largest city and capital.

There are seven types of coffee in Indonesia as the largest export commodities; one of them is Sidikalang coffee which comes from North Sumatra.

The Dairi Sidikalang area is known for growing Robusta coffee beans like Sidikalang kopi. However, farmers also started growing Arabica coffee beans as a Sidikalang kopi signature (1). Now this region offers both types.

The main coffee plantation in the Dairi Sidikalang is situated in the Dairi Regency of the city of Sidikalang in North Sumatra.

Health Benefits Of Sidikalang Kopi

Sidikalang coffee beans have a higher polyphenol content than other types of coffee (3). Polyphenols are a category of natural compounds that function as antioxidants to decrease inflammation and work to bolster the body against numerous chronic illnesses. They may even reduce the risk of heart disease, blood sugar levels, blood clots, and cancer, as well as increase the health of digestion and brain function (4).

Sidikalang Kopi Flavors

Sidikalang coffee is reminiscent of Brazilian coffee. However, it has its distinguishing characteristics. It has a bold prevailing earthiness with spicy notes, sweetness, and hints of milk caramel. Each sip is low in acidity, with a pronounced mouthfeel and a nuanced flavor profile.

Final Thoughts

Sidikalang kopi is an Indonesian coffee variety located in Sidikalang, North Sumatra. This Robusta coffee grows in nutrient-dense volcanic soils at high altitudes at cool temperatures with unique micro-climates. It is full of health benefits with its high polyphenol content that improves the health of coffee drinkers with its antioxidant properties and more. Each sip of this dark brew yields a full-bodied earthiness with sugar, spice, and everything nice, plus a hint of milk caramel.

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